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UVA Heart and Vascular Center

We created this clinical excellence report to highlight the successful outcomes from this expanding cardiovascular center. We took their editorial, copyedited it and then designed the entire booklet based on their brand specs. Our duties also included printing and distributing the final product.

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Women’s Health ADVISOR

This 24-page newsmagazine was created for both print and digital dissemination, spotlighting the growing women’s healthcare focus at this regionally important medical center. We did all the reporting, writing, approvals, graphic design, printing, and mailing and emailing.

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Musculoskeletal ADVISOR

This 24-page newsmagazine for Englewood Health was designed to call attention to orthopedic and spinal care at the hospital, consistently ranked among the best in New Jersey. All aspects of this job, from start to final mailing and emailing, were performed by McMahon Custom Healthcare.

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Oncology ADVISOR

This 24-page newsmagazine was created to highlight cancer care at Englewood Health. The entirety of this publication, including research, writing, editing, graphic design and production, was performed by McMahon Custom Healthcare Communications.

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Heart & Vascular ADVISOR

From aortic valve replacement to wound care, this 28-page newsmagazine explores the subspecialties of Englewood Health’s Heart & Vascular team. McMahon Custom Healthcare Communications created this issue in every respect, including researching, writing, editing, graphic design and production.

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